Vast Phantasm

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A political cartoonist I am not, but when The Irish Times phones, you take it! They wanted to do a take on those amazing greek-god-style renderings of Putin with our own Blessed Leader Enda Kenny.

Not my usual stuff, but fun all the same. Was particularly chuffed to find they used it as the front page pic. 

I got way too much credit in the paper - the gags were all down to the editor Conor Goodman & the journalist Patrick Freyne. 

Two new prints available! ‘Yeti’ (2 versions) & ‘Crossroads’

Edition of 50 Giclee print on 300gsm Hahnemuehle Baryta paper

Here’s the first pass at a possible Yeti print.. just playing around at this stage :)

The publisher Little Island has just released a new magazine called ‘Castaway’, featuring a story by Dave Rudden called ‘Threadbare’ which I did some illustrations for…

Above is the title and one of the illys - ‘Yeti’.. 

Toying around with making a print of this, which I’ll post as I work on it…