1. A new project I’m working on is going to be completely different to anything I’ve done before.. It has to be in an authentic Celtic/La Tene style, inspired by images like this..

    I love this kind of challenge.. So I spend a day researching images, make a board like the below, and then get sketching.. 

    Hopefully I can make some work that fits with this style, and is still very much my own.. Time will tell

    Only at the rough stages now, so you never know, the job might not happen.. But I hope it does :)

    credit to all photographers & ancient civilisations for the images

  2. I recently made the step of splitting my portfolio in two and using a pseudonym.. The body of work that is now under the moniker ‘Ignatius Fitzpatrick’* just didn’t fit with the rest of my stuff, but I love making it.. So Ignatius was born.. 

    Time will tell if this was a good idea or not.. In a relatively small market like Ireland, it might just confuse people who have come to know the work under your real name.. But I’m hoping it works for the markets across the pond… Plus, it’s fun setting up a new brand :)

    See it here - www.ignatiusfitzpatrick.com

    *named after my grandfather - Jack Ignatius Aloysius Alfonsus Liguori Fitzpatrick.. best name ever

  3. Some snippets of new work (full pieces will be published soon…)


  4. New Blog

    I haven’t really been using this blog properly.. I was confused.. Now I am not.. 

    From now on, this really will be a bit of news from the studio - works in progress, snippets from new pieces and whatever else might happen to me (in a design and illustration sense) that might be interesting.. Rather than just sticking up new work, which you can see on my main website.. 

    Hope it’s of some interest to people :)

    You can always see my full portfolio at matthewjgriffin.com

  9. New poster art for Whelans - see the process from sketch to final art here

  11. New work for Whelans - See loads more on my Behance 


  12. By my Illustrated Beatles Print for Charity


    The auction is in aid of two very deserving causes:

    1) The Irish Motor Nuerone Disease Association (http://www.imnda.ie/)

    2) The Jude Miley Trust (http://www.thejudemileytrust.org/)

    The proceeds from the auction will be split 50/50. This is of course a risk - if the piece doesn’t raise much, then neither get anything worth talking about. So please SPREAD THE WORD, and hopefully we can get it bumped up…


    …Is a Archival pigment print, 45 x 45cm, on Hahnemuhle 308 Photorag mounted to 5mm black substrate. of ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ - my piece for the recent exhibition ‘The Illustrated Beatles.’ 

    It is only ONE OF TWO that exist in the world. I have to get a 2nd one printed for further exhibitions of the show, but intend to keep that one myself. 


    I’m just going to keep it simple - between now and 18:00 Monday 12th Nov, I will accept bids for the print - via email (matt@matthewjgriffin.com), Twitter (@MJGillustration #IWantToHoldYourHandAuction), and Facebook (www.facebook.com/mjgillustration). Simply let me know your bid, and every now and again I will post the current highest. At 6 on Monday, the highest bid will have won. 


    Please, share, retweet, reblog, like, pin, poke, flip, dig - whatever it takes to get more people knowing about this :)


    Good luck! 


  14. My contribution to the forthcoming ‘Illustrated Beatles’ exhibition at The Grand Social, Dublin from 23rd October


  15. The Robo City Police are here for your protection…